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Modern and efficient warehouse management

Fast, faultless and correct operation of your warehouse



We have been optimizing the operation of warehouses and distribution centers for 40 years.

Our focus is on:

    • Efficient storage

    • More work done in less time

    • Faultless execution

    • Correct stock

    • Controlled operation

    • Quality control

    • Traceability

    • Intuitive solutions

Through our Optima WMS solution, we ensure that work on the warehouse floor is carried out faster, more correctly and more efficiently.

We integrate those tools that are most suitable for your situation: barcode, voice picking, pick-to-light or automated systems.

Dastronic NV consists of a team of logistics and IT experts and is located in Aarschot, Flemish Brabant.


Warehouse Management


By implementing our Optima WMS solution in your warehouse, we ensure a logical, fast and error-free

operation on the warehouse floor.

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We integrate the techniques that best suit your situation:


Voice Picking

Pick To Light

Automatic systems

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The warehouse management system is linked to your sales administration. Orders and results are exchanged automatically

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You will find our achievements in various industries: food, automotive, retail, medical, production, maintenance...

Each realization provides a significant improvement in efficiency. Our strongest assets here are the quality and stability of the installed solutions.

  • Our warehouse management system Optima WMS is scalable according to size, occupancy and complexity of the warehouse.

  • We provide both simple applications for controlled inventory management and fully automated solutions for the entire floor.

The employee on the floor is important to us. Its role in the story is crucial.

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Based on our experience with internal logistics, we developed the warehouse management system Optima WMS. The first version dates back to 1999. The current most recent version contains all modern IT techniques and is suitable for use both locally (on premise) or in the cloud.

The system distinguishes itself from other solutions by starting from the situation on the floor: after all, it is mainly the movements on the floor, how they are coordinated with each other, what must be given priority... This optimization results in a sensitive increase in the efficiency.

Every warehouse system starts from orders that have to be fulfilled. This data is always exchanged with a sales or administrative system and converted into orders that are passed on to the employees. The division of labor is therefore the basis.

But only then does the real optimization begin: the task manager in Optima WMS is in permanent contact with the employees on the floor. Depending on what the task manager determines, he will adjust the following actions accordingly

  • Simultaneously execute multiple orders by one employee or have multiple employees execute one order simultaneously?

  • When is the best time to replenish? And how?

  • Are there sudden matters that need to be prioritized (freeing intermediate locations, consolidation and/or shipping...)?

  • Switching aids in the process or not?

Optima WMS goes much further than just distributing work. It continuously controls the execution and also makes adjustments where necessary. Just as a conductor directs every movement of his orchestra, Optima WMS watches over every movement in the warehouse. It also checks whether each movement is executed correctly and reports errors immediately. By intervening immediately, even during the execution of tasks, the greatest profit is obtained.